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A WordPress plugin to easily upload pdfs of minutes, agendas and newsletters for your organization.

The Minutes, Agendas, Newsletters plugin provides a convenient way to upload, display and link to pdf documents that are published periodically by your organization. Examples include a monthly newsletter, or minutes and agendas.


Easily upload documents through an admin panel, located in the Media section of the WordPress dashboard. Your document must be in pdf format, and will be renamed according to the plugin settings you provide, which will include the type of document and the document date, e.g., ClubNewsletter_2011-03-01.pdf.

Minagnews Upload


To link to an upload document in a page or post, use the convenient link button in the visual editor. This will show a list of documents available and add an actual link to your page or post.

Minagnews Editor

Minagnews Editor Popup

Alternatively, use a shortcode to display a link:

[minagnews-link doctype="doctype" date="date" id="id" class="class" ]

  • doctype: the document type slug, as specified in the plugin settings
  • date: the date of the document, e.g., 2012-04-12, or 'latest' for the most current document of the given type
  • id: id to be applied to the link
  • class: class to be applied to the link

If invalid data is provided in the shortcode, a link will not be created. However, the document does not need to exist in order for the shortcode to work.


To create a tabular display of all, or a subset, of your documents, use the convenient link button in the visual editor to create a shortcode, or enter the shortcode directly:

[minagnews-table show="show-value" months_order="ASC|DESC" omit_empty=false|true id="id" class="class" attr="attr"]

  • show: which types of documents to show, defined by the 'slug' for each document type in the plugin settings, or 'all' for all document types. For multiple document types, use a comma separated list (e.g., show=minutes,agendas).
  • months_order: within a given year in the table, show the months in ascending order (ASC) or descending order (DESC)
  • omit_empty: if a month in a given year has no documents, should that month be omitted from the table? Defaults to false.
  • year: which years to display. You can enter a specific year, a comma-separated list of years, a range, or use the keywords 'current' for the current year or 'previous' for the previous year. Valid examples:
    • year=2008
    • year=2005-2009
    • year=2005,2007,2011
    • year=2004,2007-2008
    • year=current
    • year=previous,current
    • year=all
  • id: the id to be applied to the table
  • class: the class to be applied to the table, default is minagnews_tbl
  • attr: additional attributes to be applied, e.g., "width='100%'". This string will be added as is to the table tag.
  • The table defaults to cellspacing='0' cellpadding='4' width='100%' unless overridden with attr="attr"
Minagnews Table Display


The plugin is flexible to allow you to define the types of documents you need to upload, and how links to those documents should be displayed. You can also name the directory where these documents are stored, which will be subfolder in the wp-content/uploads directory.

Minagnews Settings

Easily create a directory of existing documents

If your organization has a large number of existing documents, you can use an FTP program to transfer the lot of them to the uploads folder you specified in the plugin settings. If the documents are named according to the naming convention you specified in the settings, the plugin will recognize them.


Version 1.0.0 - more shortcode options, plus some general code cleanup.


Version 0.2.1 - added new table shortcode options plus numerous bug fixes.


Version 0.1 - initial version


or find it on the WordPress Plugin Directory.


  • Download and unzip the latest release zip file
  • Upload the entire minutes-agendas-newsletters directory to your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  • Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  • Visit the Settings->Minutes, Agendas, Newsletters page to define your settings.

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